29 CFR § 511.12 - Committee and subcommittee meetings.

§ 511.12 Committee and subcommittee meetings.

(a) The full committee, or a quorum thereof, will convene at the time and place appointed for an initial prehearing meeting as provided in the Secretary's order initiating the proceedings (note § 511.2). The full committee acting through a quorum will decide at that meeting whether it will preside at the reception at the hearing or will authorize a subcommittee to preside. Any resolution authorizing a subcommittee to hold the hearing shall provide a period of 30 days after:

(1) The subcommittee has filed its recommended report and

(2) A transcript of the subcommittee hearing is made available to the parties, for the parties to file exceptions to the recommended report, and the committee shall meet promptly thereafter on call of its chairperson or the Administrator to consider exceptions and prepare its final report.

(b) A committee may adjourn its meeting or hearing, or both, from time to time, and meet again, at hearing or otherwise, pursuant to the terms of adjournment, or on call of its chairperson or the Administrator.

[55 FR 53299, Dec. 28, 1990]