29 CFR § 784.120 - Application of exemption to “offshore” activities in general.

§ 784.120 Application of exemption to “offshore” activities in general.

The expression “offshore activities” is used to describe the category of named operations pertaining to the acquisition from nature of aquatic forms of animal and vegetable life. As originally enacted in 1938, section 13(a)(5) exempted not only employees employed in such “offshore” or “trip” activities but also employees employed in related activities on shore which were similarly affected by the natural factors previously discussed (see § 784.103, and Fleming v. Hawkeye Pearl Button Co., 113 F. 2d 52). However, the intent of the 1961 amendments to the Act was to remove from the exemption the so-called onshore activities and “leave the exemption applicable to ‘offshore’ activities connected with the procurement of the aquatic products” (S. Rep. 145, 87th Cong., first session, p. 33). Despite its comprehensive reach (see §§ 784.105 and 784.106), the exemption, like the similar exemption is the Act for agriculture, is “meant to apply only” to the activities named in the statute (see Maneja v. Waialua, 349 U.S. 254; Farmers Reservoir Co. v. McComb, 337 U.S. 755).