29 CFR § 784.121 - Exempt fisheries operations.

§ 784.121 Exempt fisheries operations.

Employees engaged in the named operations, such at “catching” or “taking,” are clearly exempt. As indicated in § 784.106, employees engaged in activities that are “directly and necessarily a part of” an enumerated operation are also exempt (Mitchell v. Trade Winds, Inc., 289 F. 2d 278). The “catching, taking, propagating, harvesting, cultivating, or farming” of the various forms of aquatic life includes not only the actual performance of the activities, but also the usual duties inherent in the occupations of those who perform the activities. Thus, the fisherman who is engaged in “catching” and “taking” must see to it that his lines, nets, seines, traps, and other equipment are not fouled and are in working order. He may also have to mend or replace his lines or nets or repair or construct his traps. Such activities are an integral part of the operations of “catching” and “taking” of an aquatic product.