29 CFR § 784.124 - Going to and returning from work.

§ 784.124 Going to and returning from work.

The phrase “including the going to and returning from work” relates to the preceding named operations which pertain to the procuring and appropriation of seafood and other forms of aquatic life from nature. The expression obviously includes the time spent by fishermen and others who go to and from the fishing grounds or other locations where the aquatic life is reduced to possession. If going to work requires fishermen to prepare and carry the equipment required for the fishing operation, this would be included within the exemption. In performing such travel the fishermen may be required to row, guide or sail the boat or otherwise assist in its operation. Similarly, if an employee were digging for clams or other shellfish or gathering seaweed on the sand or rocks it might be necessary to drive a truck or other vehicle to reach his destination. Such activities are exempt within the meaning of this language. However, the phrase does not apply to employees who are not employed in the activities involved in the acquisition of aquatic animal or vegetable life, such as those going to or returning from work at processing or refrigerator plants or wholesale establishments.