29 CFR Subpart D - Subpart D—Procedure Under Section 9(c) of the Act for the Determination of Questions Concerning Representation of Employees 2 and for Clarification of Bargaining Units and for Amendment of Certifications Under Section 9(b) of the Act

  1. § 102.60 Petitions.
  2. § 102.61 Contents of petition for certification; contents of petition for decertification; contents of petition for clarification of bargaining unit; contents of petition for amendment of certification.
  3. § 102.62 Election agreements; voter list; Notice of Election.
  4. § 102.63 Investigation of petition by Regional Director; Notice of Hearing; service of notice; Notice of Petition for Election; Statement of Position; withdrawal of Notice of Hearing.
  5. § 102.64 Conduct of hearing.
  6. § 102.65 Motions; intervention; appeals of Hearing Officer's rulings.
  7. § 102.66 Introduction of evidence: rights of parties at hearing; preclusion; subpoenas; oral argument and briefs.
  8. § 102.67 Proceedings before the Regional Director; further hearing; action by the Regional Director; appeals from actions of the Regional Director; statement in opposition; requests for extraordinary relief; Notice of Election; voter list.
  9. § 102.68 Record in pre-election proceeding; what constitutes; transmission to Board.
  10. § 102.69 Election procedure; tally of ballots; objections; certification by the Regional Director; hearings; Hearing Officer reports on objections and challenges; exceptions to Hearing Officer reports; Regional Director decisions on objections and challenges.
  11. § 102.70 Runoff election.
  12. § 102.71 Dismissal of petition; refusal to proceed with petition; requests for review by the Board of action of the Regional Director.
  13. § 102.72 Filing petition with general counsel: investigation upon motion of general counsel; transfer of petition and proceeding from region to general counsel or to another region; consolidation of proceedings in same region; severance; procedure before general counsel in cases over which the general counsel has assumed jurisdiction.

2 Procedure under the first proviso to sec. 8(b)(7)(C) of the Act is governed by subpart D of this part.

24 FR 9102, Nov. 7, 1959, unless otherwise noted. Redesignated at 82 FR 11754, Feb. 24, 2017.