30 CFR § 1206.103 - What publications does ONRR approve?

§ 1206.103 What publications does ONRR approve?

(a) ONRR will periodically publish on www.onrr.gov a list of ONRR-approved publications for the NYMEX price and ANS spot price based on certain criteria including, but not limited to:

(1) Publications buyers and sellers frequently use.

(2) Publications frequently mentioned in purchase or sales contracts.

(3) Publications that use adequate survey techniques, including development of estimates based on daily surveys of buyers and sellers of crude oil, and, for ANS spot prices, buyers and sellers of ANS crude oil.

(4) Publications independent from ONRR, other lessors, and lessees.

(b) Any publication may petition ONRR to be added to the list of acceptable publications.

(c) ONRR will specify the tables that you must use in the acceptable publications.

(d) ONRR may revoke its approval of a particular publication if we determine that the prices or differentials published in the publication do not accurately represent NYMEX prices or differentials or ANS spot market prices or differentials.

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