30 CFR § 250.703 - What must I do to keep wells under control?

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§ 250.703 What must I do to keep wells under control?

You must take the necessary precautions to keep wells under control at all times, including:

(a) Use recognized engineering practices to reduce risks to the lowest level practicable when monitoring and evaluating well conditions and to minimize the potential for the well to flow or kick;

(b) Have a person onsite during operations who represents your interests and can fulfill your responsibilities;

(c) Ensure that the toolpusher, operator's representative, or a member of the rig crew maintains continuous surveillance on the rig floor from the beginning of operations until the well is completed or abandoned, unless you have secured the well with blowout preventers (BOPs), bridge plugs, cement plugs, or packers;

(d) Use personnel trained according to the provisions of subparts O and S of this part;

(e) Use and maintain equipment and materials necessary to ensure the safety and protection of personnel, equipment, natural resources, and the environment; and

(f) Use equipment that has been designed, tested, and rated for the maximum environmental and operational conditions to which it may be exposed while in service.