30 CFR § 250.722 - What are the requirements for prolonged operations in a well?

§ 250.722 What are the requirements for prolonged operations in a well?

If wellbore operations continue within a casing or liner for more than 30 days from the previous pressure test of the well's casing or liner, you must:

(a) Stop operations as soon as practicable, and evaluate the effects of the prolonged operations on continued operations and the life of the well. At a minimum, you must:

(1) Evaluate the well casing with a pressure test, caliper tool, or imaging tool. On a case-by-case basis, the District Manager may require a specific method of evaluation of the effects on the well casing of prolonged operations; and

(2) Report the results of your evaluation to the District Manager and obtain approval of those results before resuming operations. Your report must include calculations that indicate the well's integrity is above the minimum safety factors, if an imaging tool or caliper is used. District Manager approval is not required to resume operations if you conducted a successful pressure test as approved in your permit. You must document the successful pressure test in the WAR.

(b) If well integrity has deteriorated to a level below minimum safety factors, you must:

(1) Obtain approval from the District Manager to begin repairs or install additional casing. To obtain approval, you must also provide a PE certification showing that he or she reviewed and approved the proposed changes;

(2) Repair the casing or run another casing string; and

(3) Perform a pressure test after the repairs are made or additional casing is installed and report the results to the District Manager as specified in § 250.721.

[81 FR 26022, Apr. 29, 2016, as amended at 84 FR 21977, May 15, 2019]

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