30 CFR § 250.914 - How do I nominate a CVA?

§ 250.914 How do I nominate a CVA?

(a) As part of your design verification, fabrication verification, or installation verification plan, you must nominate a CVA for the Regional Supervisor's approval. You must specify whether the nomination is for the design, fabrication, or installation phase of verification, or for any combination of these phases.

(b) For each CVA, you must submit a list of documents to be forwarded to the CVA, and a qualification statement that includes the following:

(1) Previous experience in third-party verification or experience in the design, fabrication, installation, or major modification of offshore oil and gas platforms. This should include fixed platforms, floating platforms, manmade islands, other similar marine structures, and related systems and equipment;

(2) Technical capabilities of the individual or the primary staff for the specific project;

(3) Size and type of organization or corporation;

(4) In-house availability of, or access to, appropriate technology. This should include computer programs, hardware, and testing materials and equipment;

(5) Ability to perform the CVA functions for the specific project considering current commitments;

(6) Previous experience with BSEE requirements and procedures;

(7) The level of work to be performed by the CVA.