30 CFR § 732.17 - State program amendments.

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§ 732.17 State program amendments.

(a) This section applies to any alteration of an approved State program whether accomplished on the initiative of the State regulatory authority or the Director. Such alterations are referred to in this section as “amendments”.

(b) The State regulatory authority shall promptly notify the Director, in writing, of any significant events or proposed changes which affect the implementation, administration or enforcement of the approved State program. At a minimum, notification shall be required for—

(1) Changes in the provisions, scope or objectives of the State program;

(2) Changes in the authority of the regulatory authority to implement, administer or enforce the approved program;

(3) Changes in the State law and regulations from those contained in the approved State program;

(4) Significant changes in staffing and resources of the regulatory authority and divisions or departments of other agencies with duties in the approved program;

(5) Changes in agreements between the regulatory authority and other agencies which have duties in the approved program;

(6) Significant changes in funding or budgeting relative to the approved program; and

(7) Significant changes in the number or size of coal exploration or surface coal mining and reclamation operations in the State.

(c) Within 30 days of receipt of notification, in writing, of events or proposed changes that may require a State program amendment, or whenever the Director becomes aware of conditions described in paragraph (e) of this section, the Director shall determine whether a State program amendment is required and notify the State regulatory authority of the decision.

(d) The Director shall promptly notify the State regulatory authority of all changes in the Act and the Secretary's regulations which will require an amendment to the State program.

(e) State program amendments may be required when—

(1) As a result of changes in the Act or regulations of this chapter, the approved State program no longer meets the requirements of the Act or this chapter; or

(2) Conditions or events change the implementation, administration or enforcement of the State program; or

(3) Conditions or events indicate that the approved State program no longer meets the requirements of the Act or this chapter.


(1) If the Director determines that a State program amendment is required, the State regulatory authority shall, within 60 days after notification of that decision, submit to the Director either a proposed written amendment or a description of an amendment to be proposed that meets the requirements of the Act and this chapter, and a timetable for enactment which is consistent with established administrative or legislative procedures in the State.

(2) If the State regulatory authority does not submit the information required by paragraph (f)(1), or does not subsequently comply with the submitted timetable, or if the resulting proposed amendment is not approved under this section, then the Director must begin proceedings under 30 CFR part 733 if the Director has reason to believe that such action is warranted because the State is not effectively implementing, administering, maintaining or enforcing all or part of its approved State program.

(g) Whenever changes to laws or regulations that make up the approved State program are proposed by the State, the State shall immediately submit the proposed changes to the Director as an amendment. No such change to laws or regulations shall take effect for purposes of a State program until approved as an amendment.

(h) The following procedures, time schedules and criteria for approval and disapproval shall apply to State program amendments.

(1) Within 30 days after receipt of a State program amendment from a State regulatory authority, the Director will publish a notice of receipt of the amendment in the Federal Register.

(2) The Federal Register notice announcing the receipt of the amendment will indicate that the amendment(s) is being reviewed by the Director and will include the following:

(i) The text or a summary of the amendment(s) proposed by the regulatory authority:

(ii) Addresses where copies of the proposed amendment(s) may be obtained if the text is not included in the Federal Register notice and that each requestor may receive, free of charge, one single copy of proposed amendment(s) from the Director.

(iii) Date(s) of public comment period(s) and addresses where public comments should be directed;

(iv) Dates and locations of public hearing(s) and/or meeting(s) if public hearing(s) and/or meeting(s) are to be held.

(3) A minimum public comment period of 30 days will be provided for each proposed State program amendment, except a 15 day public comment period may be provided where an amendment concerns changes in State law, regulations or the procedures contained in the approved program that are analogous to changes in SMCRA and/or implementing regulations: Provided, That the notice of receipt published in the Federal Register includes the full text of the proposed amendment: And provided, That all applicable provisions of 43 CFR part 14 are complied with.

(4) All State program amendments which may have an effect on historic properties shall be provided to the State Historic Preservation Officer and to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for comment.

(5) Public hearings may be provided at the discretion of the Director and shall be held no sooner than five days before the close of the public comment period. The comment period shall end on a date following any public hearing scheduled to be held.

Public hearing plans will be announced in the notice of receipt of the amendment published in the Federal Register. In determining whether to hold a public hearing, the Director will consider the subject of the amendment, its complexity and public hearing and meetings conducted by the State regulatory authority prior to submission of the amendment for OSM approval. When State regulatory authority public hearings or meetings are accepted in lieu of an OSM hearing, the State regulatory authority shall provide to the Director a complete record of any hearings or meetings including transcripts, written presentations, exhibits and copies of all comments. Hearings shall be informal and follow legislative procedures. The format and the rules of procedure for each hearing shall be determined by the Director and published in the notice required by paragraph (h)(1) of this section.

(6) Upon the close of the public comment period, the transcript, written presentations, exhibits and copies of all comments shall be transmitted to the Director.

(7) The Director shall consider all relevant information, including any information obtained from public hearings and comments, and shall approve or disapprove the amendment request within 30 days after the close of the public comment period established in accordance with § 732.17(h)(3).

(8) If the Director does not approve the amendment request, the State regulatory authority will have 60 days after publication of the Director's decision to submit a revised amendment for consideration by the Director. If more time may be needed by the State to submit a revised amendment, the Director may grant more time by specifying in the decision, a date by which the State regulatory authority must submit a revised amendment. The date specified in the Director's decision should be based on the circumstances of the situation and the established administrative or legislative procedures of the State in question.

(9) The Director will approve or not approve revised amendment submissions in accordance with the provisions under paragraph (h) of this section.

(10) The applicable criteria for approval or disapproval of State programs set forth in § 732.15 shall be utilized by the Director in approving or disapproving State program amendments.

(11) State program amendments shall not be approved until the Director has—

(i) Solicited and publicly disclosed the views of the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the heads of other Federal agencies concerned with or having special expertise relevant to the program amendment(s) as proposed; and

(ii) Obtained written concurrence of the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency with respect to those aspects of a State program amendment(s) which relate to air or water quality standards promulgated under the authority of the Clean Water Act, as amended (33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq.), and the Clean Air Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 7401 et seq.).

(12) All decisions approving or not approving program amendments must be published in the Federal Register and will be effective upon publication unless the notice specifies a different effective date. The decision approving or not approving program amendments will be published in the Federal Register within 30 days after the date of the Director's decision.

(13) Final action on all amendment requests must be completed within seven months after receipt of the proposed amendments from the State.

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