30 CFR § 735.20 - Grant amendments.

§ 735.20 Grant amendments.

(a) A grant amendment is a written alteration in the grant amount, grant terms or conditions, budget or period, or other administrative, technical, or financial agreement whether accomplished on the initiative of the agency or the Director or his authorized designee, or by mutual action of the agency and the Director or his authorized designee.

(b) The agency shall promptly notify the Director or his authorized designee in writing of events or proposed changes which may require a grant amendment, such as -

(1) Rebudgeting;

(2) Changes which may affect the approved scope or objective of a program; or

(3) Changes which may increase or substantially decrease the total cost of a program.

(c) The Director or his authorized designee shall approve or disapprove each proposed amendment within thirty days of receipt, or as soon thereafter as possible, and shall notify the agency in writing of the approval or disapproval of the amendment.

(d) The date the Director or his authorized designee signs the grant amendment establishes the effective date of the action. If no time period is specified in the grant amendment, then the amendment applies to the entire grant period.

[42 FR 62706, Dec. 13, 1977. Redesignated at 44 FR 15312, Mar. 13, 1979, and amended at 47 FR 38492, Aug. 31, 1982]