30 CFR § 773.17 - Permit conditions.

§ 773.17 Permit conditions.

Each permit issued by the regulatory authority shall be subject to the following conditions:

(a) The permittee shall conduct surface coal mining and reclamation operations only on those lands that are specifically designated as the permit area on the maps submitted with the application and authorized for the term of the permit and that are subject to the performance bond or other equivalent guarantee in effect pursuant to subchapter J of this chapter.

(b) The permittee shall conduct all surface coal mining and reclamation operations only as described in the approved application, except to the extent that the regulatory authority otherwise directs in the permit.

(c) The permittee shall comply with the terms and conditions of the permit, all applicable performance standards of the Act, and the requirements of the regulatory program.

(d) Without advance notice, delay, or a search warrant, upon presentation of appropriate credentials, the permittee shall allow the authorized representatives of the Secretary and the State regulatory authority to—

(1) Have the right of entry provided for in §§ 842.13 and 840.12 of this chapter; and

(2) Be accompanied by private persons for the purpose of conducting an inspection in accordance with parts 840 and 842, when the inspection is in response to an alleged violation reported to the regulatory authority by the private person.

(e) The permittee shall take all possible steps to minimize any adverse impact to the environment or public health and safety resulting from noncompliance with any term or condition or the permit, including, but not limited to—

(1) Any accelerated or additional monitoring necessary to determine the nature and extent of noncompliance and the results of the noncompliance;

(2) Immediate implementation of measures necessary to comply; and

(3) Warning, as soon as possible after learning of such noncompliance, any person whose health and safety is in imminent danger due to the noncompliance.

(f) As applicable, the permittee shall comply with § 701.11(d) and subchapter B or K of this chapter for compliance, modification, or abandonment of existing structures.

(g) The operator shall pay all reclamation fees required by subchapter R of this chapter for coal produced under the permit for sale, transfer or use, in the manner required by that subchapter.

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