30 CFR § 777.11 - Format and contents.

§ 777.11 Format and contents.

(a) An application shall—

(1) Contain current information, as required by this subchapter;

(2) Be clear and concise; and

(3) Be filed in the format required by the regulatory authority.

(b) If used in the application, referenced materials shall either be provided to the regulatory authority by the applicant or be readily available to the regulatory authority. If provided, relevant portions of referenced published materials shall be presented briefly and concisely in the application by photocopying or abstracting and with explicit citations.

(c) Applications for permits; revisions; renewals; or transfers, sales or assignments of permit rights shall be verified under oath, by a responsible official of the applicant, that the information contained in the application is true and correct to the best of the official's information and belief.

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