30 CFR § 795.10 - Qualified laboratories.

§ 795.10 Qualified laboratories.

(a) Basic qualifications. To be designated a qualified laboratory, a firm shall demonstrate that it -

(1) Is staffed with experienced, professional or technical personnel in the fields applicable to the work to be performed;

(2) Has adequate space for material preparation and cleaning and sterilizing equipment and has stationary equipment, storage, and space to accommodate workloads during peak periods;

(3) Meets applicable Federal or State safety and health requirements;

(4) Has analytical, monitoring and measuring equipment capable of meeting applicable standards; and

(5) Has the capability of collecting necessary field samples and making hydrologic field measurements and analytical laboratory determinations by acceptable hydrologic, geologic, or analytical methods in accordance with the requirements of §§ 780.21, 780.22, 784.14 and 784.22 and any other applicable provisions of this chapter. Other appropriate methods or guidelines for data acquisition may be approved by the program administrator.

(6) Has the capability of performing services for either the determination or statement referenced in § 795.9(b).

(b) Subcontractors. Subcontractors, may be used to provide some of the required services provided their use is identified at the time a determination is made that a firm is qualified and they meet requirements specified by the program administrator.