30 CFR § 875.12 - Eligible lands and water prior to certification.

§ 875.12 Eligible lands and water prior to certification.

Noncoal lands and water are eligible for reclamation if:

(a) They were mined or affected by mining processes;

(b) They were mined and left or abandoned in either an unreclaimed or inadequately reclaimed condition prior to August 3, 1977;

(c) There is no continuing responsibility for reclamation by the operator, permittee, or agent of the permittee under statutes of the State or Federal Government or by the State as a result of bond forfeiture. Bond forfeiture will render lands or water ineligible only if the amount forfeited is sufficient to pay the total cost of the necessary reclamation. In cases where the forfeited bond is insufficient to pay the total cost of reclamation, moneys sufficient to complete the reclamation may be sought under part 886 of this chapter;

(d) The reclamation has been requested by the Governor of the State or equivalent head of the Indian tribe; and

(e) The reclamation is necessary to protect the public health, safety, general welfare, and property from extreme danger of adverse effects of noncoal mining practices.

[59 FR 28172, May 31, 1994, as amended at 73 FR 67640, Nov. 14, 2008]

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