30 CFR § 875.13 - Certification of completion of coal sites.

§ 875.13 Certification of completion of coal sites.

(a) The Governor of a State, or the equivalent head of an Indian tribe, may submit to the Secretary a certification of completion of coal sites. The certification must express the finding that the State or Indian tribe has achieved all existing known coal-related reclamation objectives for eligible lands and waters under section 404 of SMCRA or has instituted the necessary processes to reclaim any remaining coal related problems. In addition to the above finding, the certification of completion must contain:

(1) A description of both the rationale and the process used to arrive at the above finding for the completion of all coal-related reclamation under section 403(a)(1) through (3).

(2) A brief summary and resolution of all relevant public comments concerning coal-related impacts, problems, and reclamation projects received by the State or Indian tribe prior to preparation of the certification of completion.

(3) A State or Indian tribe agreement to acknowledge and give top priority to any coal-related problem(s) that may be found or occur after submission of the certification of completion and during the life of the approved abandoned mine reclamation program.

(b) After review and verification of the information contained in the certification of completion, the Director shall provide notice in the Federal Register and opportunity for public comment. After receipt and evaluation of all public comments and a determination by the Director that the certification is correct, the Director shall concur with the certification and provide final notice of such concurrence in the Federal Register. This concurrence shall be based upon the State's or Indian tribes commitment to give top priority to any coal problem which may thereafter be found or occur.

(c) Following concurrence by the Director, a State or Indian tribe may implement a noncoal reclamation program pursuant to provisions in section 411 of SMCRA.

(d) The Director may, on his or her own initiative, make the certification referred to in paragraph (a) of this section on behalf of your State or Indian tribe if:

(1) Based upon information contained in the AML inventory, the Director determines that all coal reclamation projects meeting the priorities described in § 874.13(a) of this chapter in the jurisdiction of your State or Indian tribe have been completed; and

(2) Before making any determination, the Director provides the public an opportunity to comment through a notice in the Federal Register.

[59 FR 28172, May 31, 1994, as amended at 73 FR 67640, Nov. 14, 2008]