30 CFR § 884.15 - State reclamation plan amendments.

§ 884.15 State reclamation plan amendments.

(a) A State may, at any time, submit to the Director a proposed amendment or revision to its approved reclamation plan. If the amendment or revision changes the objectives, scope or major policies followed by the State in the conduct of its reclamation program, the Director shall follow the procedures set out in § 884.14 in approving or disapproving an amendment or revision of a State reclamation plan.

(b) The Director shall promptly notify the State of all changes in the Act, the Secretary's regulations or other circumstances which may require an amendment to the State reclamation plan.

(c) The State shall promptly notify OSM of any conditions or events that prevent or impede it from administering its State reclamation program in accordance with its approved State reclamation plan.

(d) State reclamation plan amendments may be required by the Director when—

(1) Changes in the Act or regulations of this chapter result in the approved State reclamation plan no longer meeting the requirements of the Act or this chapter; or

(2) The State is not conducting its State reclamation program in accordance with the approved State reclamation plan.

(e) If the Director determines that a State reclamation plan amendment is required, the Director, after consultation with the State, shall establish a reasonable timetable which is consistent with established administrative or legislative procedures in the State for submitting an amendment to the reclamation plan.

(f) Failure of a State to submit an amendment within the timetable established under paragraph (e) of this section or to make reasonable or diligent efforts in that regard may result in either the suspension of the reclamation plan under § 884.16, reduction, suspension or termination of existing AML grants under § 886.18, or the withdrawal from consideration for approval of all grant applications submitted under § 886.15.

[51 FR 9444, Mar. 19, 1986]