30 CFR § 884.16 - Suspension of plan.

§ 884.16 Suspension of plan.

(a) The Director may suspend a State reclamation plan in whole or in part, if he determines that—

(1) Approval of the State regulatory program has been withdrawn in whole or in part;

(2) The State is not conducting the State reclamation program in accordance with its approved State reclamation plan; or

(3) The State has not submitted a reclamation plan amendment within the time specified under § 884.15.

(b) If the Director determines that the plan should be suspended, the Director shall notify the State by mail, return receipt requested, of the proposed action. The notice of proposed suspension shall state the reasons for the proposed action. Within 30 days the State must show cause why such action should not be taken. The Director shall afford the State an opportunity for consultation, including a hearing if requested by the State and performance of remedial action prior to the notice of suspension.

(c) The Director shall notify the State of his decision in writing. The decision of the Director shall be final.

(d) The Director shall lift the suspension if he determines that the deficiencies that led to suspension have been corrected.

[47 FR 28600, June 30, 1982, as amended at 51 FR 9444, Mar. 19, 1986]