30 CFR § 912.774 - Revision; renewal; and transfer, assignment, or sale of permit rights.

§ 912.774 Revision; renewal; and transfer, assignment, or sale of permit rights.

(a) Part 774 of this chapter, Revision; Renewal; and Transfer, Assignment, or Sale of Permit Rights, shall apply to any such actions involving surface coal mining and reclamation operations permits.

(b) Any revision to the approved permit will be subject to review and approval by OSMRE.

(1) Significant revisions shall be processed as if they were new applications in accordance with the public notice and hearing provisions of §§ 773.6, 773.19(b)(1) and (b)(2), and 778.21 and of part 775.

(2) OSMRE shall make every effort to approve or disapprove an application for permit revision within 60 days of receipt or such longer time as may be reasonable under the circumstances. If additional time is needed, OSMRE shall notify the applicant that the application is being reviewed, but more time is necessary to complete such review, setting forth the reasons and the additional time that is needed.

(c) In addition to the requirement of part 774 of this chapter, any person having an interest which is or may be adversely affected by a decision on the transfer, assignment, or sale of permit rights, including an official of any Federal, State, or local government agency, may submit written comments on the application to the Office within thirty days of either the publication of the newspaper advertisement required by § 774.17(b)(2) of this chapter or receipt of an administratively complete application, whichever is later.

[52 FR 13808, Apr. 24, 1987, as amended at 65 FR 79672, Dec. 19, 2000]