31 CFR 356.14 - What are the requirements for submitting bids for customers?

§ 356.14 What are the requirements for submitting bids for customers?

(a)Institutions that may submit bids for customers. Only depository institutions or dealers may submit bids for customers (see definitions at § 356.2), or for customers of intermediaries, under the requirements set out in this section.

(b)Payment. Submitters must remit payment for bids they submit on behalf of customers, including customers of intermediaries, that result in awards of securities in the auction.

(c)Identifying customers. Submitters must provide the names of customers whenever they submit bids for them. Submitters must provide the names of their direct customers as well as customers of any intermediaries who are forwarding customer bids. For individuals, submitters must provide the customer's full name (first and last). For institutional customers, submitters must provide the name of the institution, and the bidder identification number if the customer provides it. For trusts or other fiduciary estates (See appendix A.), submitters must provide on the customer list:

(1) The full name or title of the trustee or fiduciary;

(2) A reference to the document creating the trust or fiduciary estate with date of execution; and

(3) The employer identification number (not social security number) of the trust or fiduciary estate. We do not consider trusts to be a separate bidder that have not been assigned, or that do not provide, an employer identification number.

(d)Competitive customer bids. For each customer competitive bid, the submitter must provide the customer's name, the amount bid, and the yield, discount rate, or discount margin. The submitter or intermediary must also report the net long position amount if the customer provides it. The submitter must inform a customer of the net long position reporting requirement (See § 356.13.) if the customer is bidding for $100 million or more of securities. If the submitter's or intermediary's personnel know that the customer's position information is not correct, the submitter or intermediary may not submit the customer's bid.

(e)Noncompetitive customer bids. For each noncompetitive bid, the submitter must provide the customer's name and the amount bid. Submitters may either provide the customer's name with the bid or, if the list of customers is lengthy, the submitter may provide a summary bid amount covering all noncompetitive customers. If it provides a summary bid amount, the submitter must transmit the list of individual customers and their bid amounts by close of business on the auction day. However, the submitter must be able to provide the customer list details by the noncompetitive bidding deadline if requested.

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