31 CFR § 501.722 - Prehearing conferences.

§ 501.722 Prehearing conferences.

(a) Purposes of conferences. The purposes of prehearing conferences include, but are not limited to:

(1) Expediting the disposition of the proceeding;

(2) Establishing early and continuing control of the proceeding by the Administrative Law Judge; and

(3) Improving the quality of the hearing through more thorough preparation.

(b) Procedure. On his or her own motion or at the request of a party, the Administrative Law Judge may direct a representative or any party to attend one or more prehearing conferences. Such conferences may be held with or without the Administrative Law Judge present as the Administrative Law Judge deems appropriate. Where such a conference is held outside the presence of the Administrative Law Judge, the Administrative Law Judge shall be advised promptly by the parties of any agreements reached. Such conferences also may be held with one or more persons participating by telephone or other remote means.

(c) Subjects to be discussed. At a prehearing conference consideration may be given and action taken with respect to the following:

(1) Simplification and clarification of the issues;

(2) Exchange of witness and exhibit lists and copies of exhibits;

(3) Admissions of fact and stipulations concerning the contents, authenticity, or admissibility into evidence of documents;

(4) Matters of which official notice may be taken;

(5) The schedule for exchanging prehearing motions or briefs, if any;

(6) The method of service for papers;

(7) Summary disposition of any or all issues;

(8) Settlement of any or all issues;

(9) Determination of hearing dates (when the Administrative Law Judge is present);

(10) Amendments to the Order Instituting Proceedings or answers thereto;

(11) Production of documents as set forth in § 501.723, and prehearing production of documents in response to subpoenas duces tecum as set forth in § 501.728; and

(12) Such other matters as may aid in the orderly and expeditious disposition of the proceeding.

(d) Timing of conferences. Unless the Administrative Law Judge orders otherwise, an initial prehearing conference shall be held not later than 14 days after service of an answer. A final conference, if any, should be held as close to the start of the hearing as reasonable under the circumstances.

(e) Prehearing orders. At or following the conclusion of any conference held pursuant to this rule, the Administrative Law Judge shall enter written rulings or orders that recite the agreement(s) reached and any procedural determinations made by the Administrative Law Judge.

(f) Failure to appear: default. A respondent who fails to appear, in person or through a representative, at a prehearing conference of which he or she has been duly notified may be deemed in default pursuant to § 501.716(a). A respondent may make a motion to set aside a default pursuant to § 501.726(e).