31 CFR § 800.403 - Procedures for declarations.

§ 800.403 Procedures for declarations.

(a) A party or parties submitting a declaration of a transaction under § 800.401 or § 800.402 shall submit electronically the information set out in § 800.404, including the certifications required thereunder, to the Staff Chairperson in accordance with the submission instructions on the Committee's section of the Department of the Treasury website.

(b) No communications other than those described in paragraph (a) of this section shall constitute the submission of a declaration for purposes of section 721.

(c) Information and other documentary material submitted to the Committee under this section shall be considered to have been filed with the President or the President's designee for purposes of section 721(c) and § 800.802.

(d) Persons filing a declaration shall, during the time that the matter is pending before the Committee, promptly advise the Staff Chairperson of any material changes in plans, facts, or circumstances regarding the transaction, and any material change in information provided or required to be provided to the Committee under § 800.404. Unless the Committee rejects the declaration on the basis of such material changes in accordance with § 800.406(a)(2)(i), such changes shall become part of the declaration filed by such persons under this section, and the certification required under § 800.405(d) shall apply to such changes.

(e) Parties to a transaction that have filed with the Committee a written notice regarding a transaction under § 800.501 or § 802.501 or a declaration under § 802.401 may not submit to the Committee a declaration regarding the same transaction or a substantially similar transaction without the written approval of the Staff Chairperson.