31 CFR § 800.405 - Beginning of 30-day assessment period.

§ 800.405 Beginning of 30-day assessment period.

(a) Upon receipt of a declaration submitted under § 800.403, the Staff Chairperson shall promptly inspect the declaration and shall promptly notify in writing all parties to a transaction that have submitted a declaration that:

(1) The Staff Chairperson has accepted the declaration and circulated the declaration to the Committee, and the date on which the assessment described in paragraph (b) of this section begins; or

(2) The Staff Chairperson has determined not to accept the declaration and circulate the declaration to the Committee because the declaration is incomplete, and an explanation of the material respects in which the declaration is incomplete.

(b) A 30-day period for assessment of a covered transaction that is the subject of a declaration shall commence on the date on which the declaration is received by the Committee from the Staff Chairperson. Such period shall end no later than the thirtieth day after it has commenced, or if the thirtieth day is not a business day, no later than the next business day after the thirtieth day.

(c) During the 30-day assessment period, the Staff Chairperson may invite the parties to a covered transaction to attend a meeting with the Committee staff to discuss and clarify issues pertaining to the transaction.

(d) If the Committee notifies the parties to a transaction that have submitted a declaration under § 800.403 that the Committee intends to conclude all action under section 721 with respect to that transaction, each party that has submitted additional information subsequent to the original declaration shall file a certification as described in § 800.204. A sample certification may be found on the Committee's section of the Department of the Treasury website.

(e) If a party fails to provide the certification required under paragraph (d) of this section, the Committee may, at its discretion, take any of the actions under § 800.407.