31 CFR Appendix II to Part 13 - Form of Bill for Reimbursement

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Appendix II to Part 13 - Form of Bill for Reimbursement

I hereby request that ______ (Governmental entity) be reimbursed by the Department of the Treasury pursuant to sections 202 and 208 of Title 3, U.S. Code, as amended and added, respectively, by Public Law 94-196 (89 Stat. 1109) (and/or pursuant to Public Law 96-74) for expenses incurred while providing an adequate level of protection during the extraordinary protective need arising in association with a visit of ______ (Official or dignitary's name and title) of ______ (Country) to participate in the work of ______ (International Organization) or occurring at the _______ (Permanent or observer mission) to ______ (International organization) during the period ______ (Date) through ______ (Date).

I certify that the level of protection provided was both reasonable and necessary; that the costs herein billed are only those direct costs associated with meeting the extraordinary protective need; and that the costs herein billed are not costs of an indirect nature such as administrative costs, overhead, and depreciation, except as provided in ยง 13.6(a) of 31 CFR 13.

Access to all records, accounts, receipts, etc., pertaining to the costs herein billed will be accorded to representatives of the Assistant Secretary (Enforcement and Operations) and the General Accounting Office at such reasonable times and places as may be mutually agreed upon by said representatives and ______ (Governmental entity).

[45 FR 30623, May 9, 1980]