32 CFR § 1900.22 - Action and determination(s) by originator(s) or any interested party.

§ 1900.22 Action and determination(s) by originator(s) or any interested party.

(a) Initial action for access. CIA components tasked pursuant to a FOIA request shall search all relevant record systems within their cognizance which have not been excepted from search by the provisions of the CIA Information Act of 1984. They shall:

(1) Determine whether a record exists;

(2) Determine whether and to what extent any FOIA exemptions apply;

(3) Approve the disclosure of all non-exempt records or portions of records for which they are the originator; and

(4) Forward to the Coordinator all records approved for release or necessary for coordination with or referral to another originator or interested party. In making these decisions, the CIA component officers shall be guided by the applicable law as well as the procedures specified at 32 CFR 1900.31 and 32 CFR 1900.32 regarding confidential commercial information and personal information (about persons other than the requester).

(b) Referrals and coordinations. As applicable and within ten (10) days of receipt by the Coordinator, any CIA records containing information originated by other CIA components shall be forwarded to those entities for action in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section and return. Records originated by other federal agencies or CIA records containing other federal agency information shall be forwarded to such agencies within ten (10) days of our completion of initial action in the case for action under their regulations and direct response to the requester (for other agency records) or return to the CIA (for CIA records). Effective October 2, 1997, the ten (10) day provision is modified to twenty (20) days pursuant to the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996.

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