32 CFR § 1900.23 - Payment of fees, notification of decision, and right of appeal.

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§ 1900.23 Payment of fees, notification of decision, and right of appeal.

(a) Fees in general. Fees collected under this part do not accrue to the Central Intelligence Agency and shall be deposited immediately to the general account of the United States Treasury.

(b) Notification of decision. Upon completion of all required review and the receipt of accrued fees (or promise to pay such fees), the Agency will promptly inform the requester in writing of those records or portions of records which may be released and which must be denied. With respect to the former, the Agency will provide copies; with respect to the latter, the Agency shall explain the reasons for the denial, identify the person(s) responsible for such decisions by name and title, and give notice of a right of administrative appeal.

(c) Availability of reading room. As an alternative to receiving records by mail, a requester may arrange to inspect the records deemed releasable at a CIA “reading room” in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Access will be granted after applicable and accrued fees have been paid. Requests to review or browse documents in our database of “officially released records” will also be honored in this manner to the extent that paper copies or electronic copies in unclassified computer systems exist. All such requests shall be in writing and addressed pursuant to 32 CFR 1900.03. The records will be available at such times as mutually agreed but not less than three (3) days from our receipt of a request. The requester will be responsible for reproduction charges for any copies of records desired.

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