32 CFR § 275.4 - Formal written request.

§ 275.4 Formal written request.

(a) The formal written request must be in the form of a letter or memorandum to an appropriate official of the financial institution from which financial records are requested. The request shall be signed by the issuing official, and shall set forth that official's name, title, business address, and business phone number. The request shall also contain the following:

(1) The identity of the customer or customers to whom the records pertain;

(2) A reasonable description of the records sought; and

(3) Such additional information which may be appropriate - e.g., the date when the opportunity for the customer to challenge the formal written request expires, the date on which the DoD Component expects to present a certificate of compliance with the applicable provisions of the Act, the name and title of the individual (if known) to whom disclosure is to be made.

(b) In cases where customer notice is delayed by court order, a copy of the court order must be attached to the formal written request.

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