32 CFR § 516.48 - Official information.

§ 516.48 Official information.

(a) In instances involving § 516.47(a)(1), the matter will be referred to the SJA or legal adviser serving the organization of the individual whose testimony is requested, or to HQDA pursuant to § 516.47(a). The deciding official will determine whether to release the information sought under the principles established in § 516.44. If funding by the United States is requested, see § 516.55(d).

(b) If the deciding official determines that the information may be released, the individual will be permitted to be interviewed, deposed, or to appear as a witness in court provided such interview or appearance is consistent with the requirements of §§ 516.49 and 516.50. (See, for example, figure G-2, appendix G, to this part). A JA or DA civilian attorney should be present during any interview or testimony to act as legal representative of the Army. If a question seeks information not previously authorized for release, the legal representative will advise the witness not to answer. If necessary to avoid release of the information, the legal representative will advise the witness to terminate the interview or deposition, or in the case of testimony in court, advise the judge that DOD directives and Army regulations preclude the witness from answering without HQDA approval. Every effort should be made, however, to substitute releasable information and to continue the interview or testimony.