32 CFR § 516.60 - Procurement fraud and irregularities programs at MACOMs.

§ 516.60 Procurement fraud and irregularities programs at MACOMs.

(a) Command counsel and SJAs at MACOMs will develop a program and appoint an attorney as PFI Coordinator for their command. Chief counsel and SJAs at commands with procurement advisory responsibility will appoint an attorney as a Procurement Fraud Adviser (PFA) to manage the PFI program at their installations as well.

(b) Provision may be made for activities not having sufficient attorney assets to obtain assistance from nearby installations that have a PFA.

(c) Reports and recommendations will be transmitted through command channels to the PFI coordinator for the affected MACOM.

(d) Command counsel, chief counsel, and SJAs will exercise supervisory authority to ensure effective operation of the fraud program and coordination of remedies within their organizations.

(e) The MACOM PFI Coordinator will have overall responsibility for the design and implementation of the MACOM's procurement fraud program.

(f) PFAs and PFI Coordinators will coordinate with the appropriate local CID or Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) activity to assure the prompt notification and coordination of all Procurement Fraud cases.