32 CFR § 516.61 - Reporting requirements.

§ 516.61 Reporting requirements.

(a) Typical fraud indicators during the procurement cycle are listed in figure D-1, appendix G, to this part. The mere presence of one or more of these indicators does not, by itself, require reporting under paragraph b of this section. Reports should be submitted if there is a reasonable suspicion of procurement fraud or irregularity or the procuring agency refers the matter for investigation.

(b) “Procurement Flash Reports” will be transmitted by FAX directly to PFD whenever a PFI Coordinator or PFA receives notice of a PFI involving the Army. To facilitate filing, a separate sheet should be used for each case reported. These reports will provide a succinct summary of the following available information:

(1) Name and address of contractor.

(2) Known subsidiaries of parent firms.

(3) Contracts involved in potential fraud.

(4) Nature of potential fraud.

(5) Summary of pertinent facts.

(6) Possible damages.

(7) Investigative agencies involved.

(8) Local PFAs (name and phone numbers).

Any of the above categories that cannot be completed will be annotated as “unknown at present.”

(c) When a report is required by DFARS or is requested by PFD, the provisions of DFARS 209.406-3 (48 CFR 209.406-3) will be followed. That paragraph provides the basic content and format for PFI reports.

(d) All personnel will cooperate to ensure that investigations and prosecutions of procurement fraud are completed in a timely and thorough manner. Requests for assistance from federal prosecutors should be processed through the local PFA whenever possible. Requests for federal investigators will be processed through the supporting USACIDC and the PFA will be notified. When the conduct of criminal investigations and prosecutions conflict with the progress of procurements, reasonable deference will be given to criminal investigators and prosecutors whenever possible. Any serious conflict that cannot be resolved at a local level will be immediately reported to the PFI Coordinator or PFD for action.

(e) PFI Coordinators and PFAs may request access to information obtained during criminal investigations that is not protected by Fed. R. Crim. P. 6(e) and use this information to assist them in taking appropriate administrative, contractual, and civil remedies. Requests for this information should be made directly to the appropriate federal investigative agency. The investigative organization may withhold requested information if release would compromise an investigation. Difficulties in obtaining information which cannot be resolved locally will be referred to PFD for appropriate action.

(f) USACIDC will notify, in writing, local PFAs as well as PFD within 30 days, of initiation of a significant investigation of fraud or corruption related to Army procurement activities. Such notification will include the following:

(1) Case title.

(2) USACIDC Report of Investigation number.

(3) Responsible investigative agency or agencies.

(4) Office of primary responsibility.

(5) Date opened.

(6) Summary of facts.

(7) Suspected offense.

(g) The transmission of the information in f above may be delayed if the Commanding General, USACIDC, or the head of another DOD criminal investigation organization determines the transmission would compromise the success of any case or its prosecution. The prosecutive authorities dealing with the case will be consulted, when appropriate, in making such determinations.

(h) USACIDC will obtain the following information at the earliest possible point in an investigation of fraud or corruption that relates to DOD procurement activities, whenever possible without reliance on grand jury subpoenas:

(1) The individuals suspected to be responsible.

(2) The suspected firm's organizational structure.

(3) The firm's financial and contract history.

(4) The firm's organizational documents and records.

(5) Statements of witnesses.

(6) Monetary loss to the government.

(7) Other relevant information.

This information will be provided to PFD or other cognizant DOD centralized organization.

(i) PFD will provide written notification to the Defense Investigative Service of all suspension or debarment actions taken by the Army.