32 CFR § 516.63 - Coordination with DOJ.

§ 516.63 Coordination with DOJ.

(a) PFD will establish and maintain liaison with DOJ and the Defense Procurement Fraud Unit on significant fraud and corruption cases to accomplish the following:

(1) Monitor criminal prosecutions.

(2) Initiate litigation for civil recovery.

(3) Coordinate administrative or contractual actions while criminal or civil proceedings are pending.

(4) Coordinate settlement agreements or proposed settlements of criminal, civil, and administrative actions.

(5) Respond to DOJ requests for information and assistance.

(b) In cases where there is an ongoing criminal investigation, coordination with DOJ by any member of the Army normally will be accomplished by or through USACIDC or the cognizant DOD criminal investigative organization, or with the investigative organization's advance knowledge. This does not apply to the routine exchange of information between government attorneys in the course of civil litigation or the routine referral of cases to DOJ for civil recovery.

(c) Initial contact by any attorney associated with the U.S. Army with a U.S. Attorney's office or DOJ, whether initiated by the Army attorney or not, will be reported to PFD. Activity after the initial contact will only be reported to PFD when the Army attorney feels there has been a significant event in the case. If the Army attorney is not a PFI Coordinator or a PFA, the matter should be referred to one of these two attorneys as soon as possible. Routine exchanges between Army attorneys and U.S. Attorney's offices or DOJ do not need to be brought to the attention of PFD.