32 CFR § 516.65 - Litigation reports in civil recovery cases.

§ 516.65 Litigation reports in civil recovery cases.

(a) All substantiated PFI cases will be evaluated by PFAs to determine whether it is appropriate to recommend civil recovery proceedings.

(b) Recovery should be considered under both statutory and common law theories, including but not limited to the following:

(1) False Claims Act, 31 USC 3729.

(2) Anti-Kickback Act, 41 USC 51.

(3) Sherman Act, 15 USC 1-7.

(4) Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 18 USC 1961-1968.

(5) Common law fraud.

(6) Unjust enrichment.

(7) Constructive trust.

(8) Cases where contracts have been procured in violation of the conflict of interest statute, 18 USC 218. See K&R Engineering Co. v. United States, 616 F.2d 469 (Ct. Cl., 1980).

(c) When civil recovery appears possible, PFD should be consulted to determine if a litigation report is necessary. If requested by PFD, the report should summarize the available evidence and applicable theories of recovery and be prepared under § 516.23 of this part. To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, recovery reports may include and make liberal references to other reports previously prepared on a given case such as the DFARS 209.406-3 (48 CFR 209.406-3) report.

(d) The MACOM PFI coordinator and PFA will monitor all civil fraud recovery efforts throughout the command and will provide training and technical assistance as required. Status reports of all civil fraud recovery efforts will be provided through channels as required by PFD.