32 CFR § 536.14 - Commanders of major Army commands.

§ 536.14 Commanders of major Army commands.

Commanders of MACOMs, through their SJAs, shall:

(a) Assist USARCS in monitoring ACOs and CPOs under their respective commands for compliance with the responsibilities assigned in §§ 536.9 and 536.10.

(b) Assist claims personnel in obtaining qualified expert and technical advice from command units and organizations on a nonreimbursable basis (although the requesting office may be required to provide TDY funding).

(c) Assist TJAG, through the Commander USARCS, in implementing the functions set forth in § 536.7.

(d) Coordinate with the ACO within whose jurisdiction a maneuver is scheduled, to ensure the prompt investigation and settlement of any claims arising from it.