32 CFR § 536.32 - Transfer of claims among armed services branches.

§ 536.32 Transfer of claims among armed services branches.

(a) Claims filed with the wrong federal agency, or claims that should be adjudicated by receiving State offices under NATO or other SOFA, will be immediately transferred to the proper agency together with notice of same to the claimant or legal representative. Where multiple federal agencies are involved, other agencies will be contacted and a lead agency established to take all actions on the claim. Where the DA is the lead agency, any final action will include other agencies. Similarly, where another agency is the lead agency, that agency will be requested to include DA in any final action. Such inclusion will prevent multiple dates for filing suit or appeal.

(b) If another agency has taken denial action on a claim that involves the DA, without informing the DA, and in which the DA desires to make a payment, the denial action may be reconsidered by the DA not later than six months from the date of mailing and payment made thereafter.

Note to § 536.32:

See also §§ 536.17 and 536.18; AR 27–20, paragraph 13–2; and the parallel and related discussion of this topic at DA Pam 27–162, paragraphs 1–19, 1–20, 2–13 and 13–2.