32 CFR 553.12 - Encroachments and revocable licenses.

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§ 553.12 Encroachments and revocable licenses.

(a) Encroachments. No railroads will be permitted upon the right-of-way acquired by the United States leading to Arlington or Soldiers' Home National Cemetery or to encroach upon any roads or walks thereon and maintained by the United States.

(b) Revocable licenses. The construction or erection of poles and lines (including underground lines) for transmitting and distributing electric power or for telephone and telegraph purposes, as well as water and sewer pipes, will not be permitted without the authority of the Department of the Army. Requests for revocable licenses to construct water, gas, or sewer lines or other appurtenances on or across the cemetery or an approach road in which the Government has a right-of-way or fee simple title or other interest will be submitted for final action to the cemetery superintendent with a complete description of the privilege desired and a map showing the location of the project on the roadway in question. The superintendent will forward the application and inclosures with his comments and recommendation to Headquarters, Department of the Army.