32 CFR § 865.114 - Decisional document.

§ 865.114 Decisional document.

(a) A decisional document shall be prepared for each review conducted by the DRB.

(b) At a minimum, the decisional decument shall contain:

(1) The date, character of, and reason for discharge or dismissal certificate issued to the applicant upon separation from the military service, including the specific regulatory authority under which the discharge or dismissal certificate was issued.

(2) The circumstances and character of the applicant's service as extracted from military records and information provided by other government authority or the applicant, such as, but not limited to:

(i) Date of enlistment (YYMMDD).

(ii) Period of enlistment.

(iii) Age at enlistment.

(iv) Length of service.

(v) Periods of unauthorized absence.

(vi) Conduct and efficiency ratings (numerical or narrative).

(vii) Highest rank achieved.

(viii) Awards and decorations.

(ix) Educational level.

(x) Aptitude test scores.

(xi) Incidents of punishment pursuant to Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice (including nature and date of offense or punishment).

(xii) Conviction by court-martial.

(xiii) Prior military service and type of discharge received.

(3) A list of the type of documents submitted by or on behalf of the applicant (including a written brief, letters of recommendation, affidavits concerning the circumstances of the discharge, or other documentary evidence), if any.

(4) A statement whether the applicant testified, and a list of the type of witnesses, if any, who testified on behalf of the applicant.

(5) A notation whether the application pertained to the character of discharge, the reason for discharge, or both.

(6) The DRB's conclusions on the following:

(i) Whether the character of or the reason for discharge should be changed.

(ii) The specific changes to be made, if any.

(7) A list of the items submitted as issues on DD Form 293 or expressly incorporated therein and such other items submitted as issues by the applicant that are identified as inadvertently omitted under § 865.106(g)(4). If the issues are listed verbatim on DD Form 293, a copy of the relevant portion of the form may be attached. Issues that have been withdrawn or modified with the consent of the applicant need not be listed.

(8) The response to items submitted as issues by the applicant under the guidance in § 865.111.

(9) A list of decisional issues and a discussion of such issues under the guidance of § 865.112.

(10) Minority views, if any, when authorized under the rules of the Secretary of the Air Force.

(11) The recommendation of the Director when required by § 865.113.

(12) Any addendum of the SRA when required by § 865.113.

(13) Advisory opinions, including those containing factual information, when such opinions have been relied upon for final decision or have been accepted as a basis for rejecting any of the applicant's issues. Such advisory opinions or relevant portions thereof that are not fully set forth in the discussion of decisional issues or otherwise in response to items submitted as issues by the application shall be incorporated by reference. A copy of the opinions incorporated by reference shall be appended to the decision and included in the record of proceedings.

(14) A record of the DRB member's names and votes.

(15) Index entries for each decisional issue under appropriate categories listed in the Subject/Category listing.

(16) An authentication of the document by an appropriate official.