32 CFR § 865.115 - Issuance of decisions following discharge review.

§ 865.115 Issuance of decisions following discharge review.

(a) The applicant and counsel or representative, if any, shall be provided with a copy of the decisional document and of any further action in review. The applicant (and counsel, if any) shall be notified of the availability of the complaint process in accordance with § 865.121 of this subpart and of the right to appeal to the Board for the Correction of Military Records. Final notification of decisions shall be issued to the applicant with a copy to the counsel or representative, if any.

(b) Notification to applicants with copies to counsel or representatives, shall normally be made through the U.S. Postal Service. Such notification shall consist of a notification of the decision, together with a copy of the decisional document.

(c) Notification of HQ AFMPC/MPCDOAl shall be for the purpose of appropriate action and inclusion of review matter in the military records. Such notification shall bear appropriate certification of completeness and accuracy.

(d) Actions on review by Secretarial Reviewing Authority, when occurring, shall be provided to the applicant and counsel or representative in the same manner as the notification of the review decision.