32 CFR § 865.116 - Records of DRB proceeding.

§ 865.116 Records of DRB proceeding.

(a) When the proceedings in any review have been concluded, a record thereof will be prepared. Records may include written records, electromagnetic records, or a combination thereof.

(b) At a minimum, the record will include the following:

(1) The application for review (DD Form 293).

(2) A record of the testimony in verbatim, summarized, or recorded form at the option of the DRB.

(3) Documentary evidence or copies thereof considered by the DRB other than the military record.

(4) Brief/arguments submitted by or on behalf of the applicant.

(5) Advisory opinions considered by the DRB, if any.

(6) The findings, conclusions, and reasons developed by the DRB.

(7) Notification of the DRB's decision to the cognizant custodian of the applicant's records, or reference to the notification document.

(8) Minority reports, if any.

(9) A copy of the decisional document.