32 CFR § 989.9 - Cooperation and adoption.

§ 989.9 Cooperation and adoption.

(a) Lead and cooperating agency (40 CFR 1501.5 and 1501.6). When the Air Force is a cooperating agency in the preparation of an EIS, the Air Force reviews and approves principal environmental documents within the EIAP as if they were prepared by the Air Force. The Air Force executes a ROD for its program decisions that are based on an EIS for which the Air Force is a cooperating agency. The Air Force may also be a lead or cooperating agency on an EA using similar procedures, but the MAJCOM EPC retains approval authority unless otherwise directed by HQ USAF. Before invoking provisions of 40 CFR 1501.5(e), the lowest authority level possible resolves disputes concerning which agency is the lead agency.

(b) Adoption of EA or EIS. The Air Force, even though not a cooperating agency, may adopt an EA or EIS prepared by another entity where the proposed action is substantially the same as the action described in the EA or EIS. In this case, the EA or EIS must be recirculated as a final EA or EIS but the Air Force must independently review the EA or EIS and determine that it is current and that it satisfies the requirements of this part. The Air Force then prepares its own FONSI or ROD, as the case may be. In the situation where the proposed action is not substantially the same as that described in the EA or the EIS, the Air Force may adopt the EA or EIS, or a portion thereof, by circulating the EA or EIS as a draft and then preparing the final EA or EIS.

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