33 CFR § 116.35 - Order to Alter.

§ 116.35 Order to Alter.

(a) If the bridge owner agrees with the contents of the 60-Day Letter, if no reply is received by 60 days after the issuance of the letter, or if after reevaluation a bridge is determined to be an unreasonable obstruction to navigation, the Commandant will issue an Order to Alter.

(1) If a bridge is eligible for funding under the Truman-Hobbs Act, the Order to Alter will specify the navigational clearances to be accomplished in order to meet the reasonable needs of navigation.

(2) An Order to Alter for a bridge that is not eligible for Truman-Hobbs funding will specify the navigational clearances that are required to meet the reasonable needs of navigation and will prescribe a reasonable time in which to accomplish them.

(b) If appropriate, the Order to Alter will be accompanied by a letter of special conditions setting forth safeguards needed to protect the environment or to provide for any special needs of navigation.

(c) If a proposed alteration to a bridge has desirable, non-navigational benefits, the Chief, Office of Bridge Programs may require an equitable contribution from any interested person, firm, association, corporation, municipality, county, or state benefiting from the alteration as a prerequisite to the making of an Order to Alter for that alteration.

(d) Failure to comply with any Order to Alter issued under the provisions of this part will subject the owner or controller of the bridge to the penalties prescribed in 33 U.S.C. 495, 502, 519, or any other applicable provision.

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