33 CFR § 125.29 - Insufficient information.

§ 125.29 Insufficient information.


(1) If, in the judgment of the Commandant, an application does not contain sufficient information to enable him to satisfy himself that the character and habits of life of the applicant are such to warrant the belief that his presence on waterfront facilities, and port and harbor areas, including vessels and harbor craft herein, would not be inimical to the security of the United States, the Commandant may require the applicant to furnish, under oath in writing or orally, such further information as he deems pertinent to the standards set forth in § 125.19 and necessary to enable him to make such a determination.

(2) If an applicant fails or refuses to furnish such additional information, the Commandant shall hold in abeyance further consideration of the application, and shall notify the applicant that further action will not be taken unless and until the applicant furnishes such information.

(b) Upon receipt, the application and such further information as the Commandant may have required shall be referred, except in those instances where action on an application is held in abeyance pursuant to § 125.21(b) or to paragraph (a)(2) of this section, to a committee composed of a representative of the Legal Division, of the Merchant Vessel Personnel Division and of the Intelligence Division, Coast Guard Headquarters. The committee shall prepare an analysis of the available information and shall make recommendations for action by the Commandant.

[CGFR 59-63, 25 FR 1589, Feb. 24, 1960]