33 CFR § 157.420 - Vessel specific watch policy and procedures.

§ 157.420 Vessel specific watch policy and procedures.

(a) Not later than February 1, 1997, the owner or operator of a tankship shall provide written policy and procedures to masters concerning the need for each individual who is newly employed on board the vessel to have a reasonable opportunity to become familiar with the shipboard equipment, operating procedures, and other arrangements needed for the proper performance of their duties, before being assigned to such duties. This written policy and procedures shall be followed by the master and shall include the following:

(1) Allocation of a reasonable and appropriate time period for each newly employed individual to allow him or her the opportunity to become acquainted with the following:

(i) The specific equipment the individual will be using or operating; and

(ii) The vessel specific watchkeeping, safety, environmental protection, and emergency procedures and arrangements the individual needs to know to perform the assigned duties properly.

(2) Designation of a knowledgeable crew member who will be responsible for ensuring that an opportunity is provided to each newly employed individual to receive essential information in a language the individual understands.

(b) Beginning not later than February 1, 1997, a tank barge owner or operator shall not permit the barge to be towed unless those individuals assigned to duties as master or operator on the primary towing vessel have been provided written policy and procedures as specified in paragraph (a) of this section.

[CGD 91-045, 61 FR 39789, July 30, 1996]

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