33 CFR § 165.1303 - Puget Sound and adjacent waters, WA—regulated navigation area.

§ 165.1303 Puget Sound and adjacent waters, WA—regulated navigation area.

(a) The following is a regulated navigation area: the waters of the United States east of a line extending from Discovery Island Light to New Dungeness Light and all points in the Puget Sound area north and south of these lights.

(b) Regulations.

(1) Tank vessel navigation restrictions: Tank vessels larger than 125,000 deadweight tons bound for a port or place in the United States may not operate in the regulated navigation area.

(2) Commander, Thirteenth Coast Guard District may, upon written request, issue an authorization to deviate from paragraph (b)(1) of this section if it is determined that such deviation provides an adequate level of safety. Any application for authorization must state the need and fully describe the proposed procedure.

(c) Precautionary Area Regulations.

(1) A vessel in a precautionary area which is depicted on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) nautical charts, except precautionary “RB” (a circular area of 2,500 yards radius centered at 48-26′24″ N., 122-45′12″ W.), must keep the center of the precautionary area to port.


The center of precautionary area “RB” is not marked by a buoy.

(2) The Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Service (PSVTS) may, upon verbal request, authorize a onetime deviation from paragraph (c)(1) of this section for a voyage, or part of a voyage, if the proposed deviation provides a level of safety equivalent to or beyond that provided by the required procedure. The deviation request must be made well in advance to allow the requesting vessel and the Vessel Traffic Center (VTC) sufficient time to assess the safety of the proposed deviation. Discussions between the requesting vessel and the VTC should include, but are not limited to, information on the vessel handling characteristics, traffic density, radar contacts, and environmental conditions.

(3) In an emergency, the master, pilot, or person directing the movement of the vessel may deviate from paragraph (c)(1) of this section to the extent necessary to avoid endangering persons, property, or the environment, and shall report the deviation to the VTC as soon as possible.

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