33 CFR § 165.1305 - Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA.

§ 165.1305 Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA.

(a) Location. The following area is a safety zone for the Tacoma Freedom Fair Air Show: All portions of Commencement Bay bounded by the following coordinates: Latitude 47°17′38″ N, Longitude 122°28′43 W; thence south easterly to Latitude 47°17′4″ N, Longitude 122°27′32″ W; thence south westerly to Latitude 47°16′35″ N, Longitude 122°28′1″ W; thence north westerly along the shoreline to Latitude 47°17′10″ N, Longitude 122°29′14″ W; thence returning to the origin. This safety zone resembles a rectangle protruding from the shoreline along Ruston Way. Floating markers will be placed by the sponsor of the event to delineate the boundaries of the safety zone.

(b) Effective dates. This section is effective annually on July the fourth from 2 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. July the fifth unless otherwise specified by Federal Register notice.

(c) Regulation. In accordance with the general regulations in § 165.23 of this part, entry into this safety zone is prohibited unless authorized by the Captain of the Port, Puget Sound, Seattle, WA.

[CGD13-95-009, 60 FR 61481, Nov. 30, 1995, as amended by USCG-2011-0197, 76 FR 31855, June 2, 2011]