33 CFR § 165.1714 - Safety Zone; Alaska Marine Highway System Port Valdez Ferry Terminal, Port Valdez; Valdez, AK.

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§ 165.1714 Safety Zone; Alaska Marine Highway System Port Valdez Ferry Terminal, Port Valdez; Valdez, AK.

(a) Location. The following area is a safety zone: All navigable waters of Port Valdez extending 200 yards in all directions from the edges of the Alaska Marine Highway System Terminal dock located in Port Valdez at 61°07′26″ N and 146°21′50″ W.

(b) Enforcement period. The rule will be enforced whenever there is an Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry vessel transiting within the area described in paragraph (a) of this section and there is a Commercial Salmon Fishery Opener that includes the navigable waters within the safety zone. Each enforcement period will be announced by a broadcast notice to mariners when the Commercial Salmon Fishery Opener is announced.

(c) Definitions. The following definitions apply to this section:

(1) The term “designated representative” means any Coast Guard commissioned, warrant or petty officer of the U.S. Coast Guard who has been designated by the Captain of the Port, Prince William Sound, to act on his or her behalf.

(2) The term “official patrol vessel” may consist of any Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, state, or local law enforcement vessels assigned or approved by the COTP, Prince William Sound.

(3) The term “AMHS vessel” means any vessel owned or operated by the Alaska Marine Highway System, including, but not limited to: M/V AURORA, M/V CHENEGA, M/V COLUMBIA, M/V FAIRWEATHER, M/V KENNICOTT, M/V LECONTE, M/V LITUYA, M/V MALASPINA, M/V MATANUSKA, M/V TAKU and M/V TUSTUMENA.

(d) Regulations.

(1) The general regulations contained in 33 CFR 165.23, as well as the requirements in paragraphs (d)(2) through (5) of this section, apply.

(2) No vessels, except for AMHS ferries and vessels owned or operated by AMHS will be allowed to transit the safety zone without the permission of the COTP Prince William Sound or the designated representative during periods of enforcement.

(3) All persons and vessels shall comply with the instructions of the COTP or the designated representative. Upon being hailed by a U.S. Coast Guard vessel or other official patrol vessel by siren, radio, flashing light or other means, the operator of the hailed vessel shall proceed as directed.

(4) Vessel operators desiring to enter or operate within the regulated area may contact the COTP or the designated representative via VHF channel 16 or 907-835-7205 (Prince William Sound Vessel Traffic Service) to request permission to do so.

(5) The COTP, Prince William Sound may be aided by other Federal, state, borough, and local law enforcement officials in the enforcement of this regulation. In addition, members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary may be present to inform vessel operators of this regulation.

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