33 CFR § 165.758 - Security Zone; San Juan, Puerto Rico.

§ 165.758 Security Zone; San Juan, Puerto Rico.

(a) Regulated area. A moving and fixed security zone is established in the following area:

(1) The waters within a 200-yard radius around all cruise ships entering, departing, or anchored in the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico beginning one mile north of the Bahia de San Juan Lighted Buoy #3, in approximate position 18°28′17.8″ N, 066°07′36.4″ W and continuing until the vessel passes this buoy on its departure from the port. All coordinates are North American Datum 1983.

(2) The waters within a 50-yard radius around all cruise ships moored in the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

(b) Regulations.

(1) No person or vessel may enter, transit, or remain in the security zone unless authorized by the Captain of the Port San Juan, Puerto Rico, or a designated Coast Guard commissioned, warrant, or petty officer. Those operating in the security zone with the Captain of the Port's authorization must comply with all lawful orders or directions given to them by the Captain of the Port or a designated representative.

(2) Vessels encountering emergencies, which require transit through the moving security zone, should contact the Coast Guard patrol craft or Duty Officer on VHF Channel 16. In the event of an emergency, the Coast Guard patrol craft may authorize a vessel to transit through the security zone with a Coast Guard designated escort.

(3) The Captain of the Port and the Duty Officer at Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico, can be contacted at telephone number 787-289-2041. The Coast Guard Patrol Commander enforcing the security zone can be contacted on VHF-FM channels 16 and 22A.

(4) Coast Guard Sector San Juan will, when necessary and practicable, notify the maritime community of periods during which the security zone will be in effect by providing advance notice of scheduled arrivals and departure of cruise ships via a Marine Broadcast Notice to Mariners.

(5) All persons and vessels must comply with the instructions of on-scene patrol personnel. On-scene patrol personnel include commissioned, warrant, or petty officers of the U.S. Coast Guard. Coast Guard Auxiliary and local or state officials may be present to inform vessel operators of the requirements of this section, and other applicable laws.

(c) Definition. As used in this section, cruise ship means a passenger vessel greater than 100 feet in length that is authorized to carry more than 150 passengers for hire, except for a ferry.

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