33 CFR § 230.16 - Lead and cooperating agencies.

§ 230.16 Lead and cooperating agencies.

Lead agency, joint lead agency, and cooperating agency designation and responsibilities are covered in 40 CFR 1501.5 and 1501.6. The district commander is authorized to enter into agreements with regional offices of other agencies as required by 40 CFR 1501.5(c). District or division commanders will consult with HQUSACE (CECW-RE), WASH DC 20314-1000 prior to requesting resolution by CEQ as outlined by 40 CFR 1501.5 (e) and (f).

(a) Lead Agency. The Corps will normally be lead agency for Corps civil works projects and will normally avoid joint lead agency arrangements. Lead agency status for regulatory actions will be determined on the basis of 40 CFR 1501.5(c).

(b) Corps as a Cooperating Agency. For cooperating agency designation the Corps area of expertise or jurisdiction by law is generally flood control, navigation, hydropower and Corps regulatory responsibilities. See Appendix II of CEQ regulations (49 FR 49750, December 21, 1984).