33 CFR § 324.3 - Activities requiring permits.

§ 324.3 Activities requiring permits.

(a) General. DA permits are required for the transportation of dredged material for the purpose of dumping it in ocean waters.

(b) Activities of Federal agencies.

(1) The transportation of dredged material for the purpose of disposal in ocean waters done by or on behalf of any Federal agency other than the activities of the Corps of Engineers is subject to the procedures of this regulation. Agreement for construction or engineering services performed for other agencies by the Corps of Engineers does not constitute authorization under these regulations. Division and district engineers will therefore advise Federal agencies accordingly and cooperate to the fullest extent in the expeditious processing of their applications. The activities of the Corps of Engineers that involve the transportation of dredged material for disposal in ocean waters are regulated by 33 CFR 209.145.

(2) The policy provisions set out in 33 CFR 320.4(j) relating to state or local authorizations do not apply to work or structures undertaken by Federal agencies, except where compliance with non-Federal authorization is required by Federal law or Executive policy. Federal agencies are responsible for conformance with such laws and policies. (See EO 12088, October 18, 1978.) Federal agencies are not required to obtain and provide certification of compliance with effluent limitations and water quality standards from state or interstate water pollution control agencies in connection with activities involving the transport of dredged material for dumping into ocean waters beyond the territorial sea.