34 CFR § 31.11 - Offset process.

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§ 31.11 Offset process.

(a) The Secretary attempts to collect debts under this part within the shortest time authorized under -

(1) The offset schedule proposed in the pre-offset notice, unless modified by agreement or by the decision of a hearing official;

(2) A written repayment agreement with the employee; or

(3) The offset schedule established in the decision of the hearing official.

(b) In proposing an offset schedule under § 31.3 or establishing a repayment agreement under § 31.10, the Secretary also considers the expected period of Federal employment of the employee.

(c) Unless the Secretary determines, in his discretion, to delay or suspend collection, the Secretary effects an offset under this part -

(1) According to the terms agreed to by the employee pursuant to a timely request under § 31.10 to enter into a repayment agreement; or,

(2) After the deadlines in § 31.10(b) for requesting a repayment agreement with the Secretary.

(d) If the employee retires, resigns, or leaves Federal employment before the debt is satisfied, the Secretary collects the amount necessary to satisfy the debt by offset from subsequent payments of any kind, including a final salary payment or a lump sum annual leave payment, due the employee on the date of separation. If the debt cannot be satisfied by offset from any such final payment due the employee on the date of separation, the Secretary collects the debt from later payments of any kind due the employee in accordance with the provisions of 4 CFR 102.4.

(e) The Secretary effects an offset under this part against payments owing to an employee of another Federal agency after completion of the requirements of this part, in accordance with the provisions of 5 CFR 550.1108.