34 CFR § 644.30 - What are allowable costs?

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§ 644.30 What are allowable costs?

The cost principles that apply to the Educational Opportunity Centers program are in 2 CFR part 200, subpart E. Allowable costs include the following if they are reasonably related to the objectives of the project:

(a) Transportation, meals, and, with specific prior approval of the Secretary, lodging for participants and project staff for—

(1) Visits to postsecondary educational institutions;

(2) Participation in “College Day” activities; and

(3) Field trips for participants to observe and meet with persons who are employed in various career fields and can act as role models for participants.

(b) Purchase of testing materials and test preparation programs for participants.

(c) Fees required for admission applications for postsecondary education, college entrance examinations, or alternative education examinations if—

(1) A waiver is unavailable; and

(2) The fee is paid by the grantee to a third party on behalf of a participant.

(d) In-service training of project staff.

(e) Rental of space if—

(1) Space is not available at the site of the grantee; and

(2) The rented space is not owned by the grantee.

(f) Purchase, lease, or rental of computer hardware, software, and other equipment, service agreements for such equipment, and supplies for participant development, project administration, or project recordkeeping.

(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1070a-11 and 1070a-16)
[59 FR 2658, Jan. 18, 1994, as amended at 75 FR 65783, Oct. 26, 2010; 79 FR 76102, Dec. 19, 2014]